Don’t mess with me I’m fragile, treat me like a china doll.


Russian Doll Print shirt - Elf Sack from Choies
Studded Shorts - Ark Clothing
Dr Martens

I got this shirt a while back and i do love its awesome Russian Doll print, it's so unusual and bold but I never wear it! I'm starting a Depop shop where this shirt, along with other stuff i have featured on this blog shall be available to buy. Spring cleaning my wardrobe is not a fun task im such a hoarder! However i would rather garments like this went to loving new homes rather than it being sat unworn in the back of my wardrobe! So if you want to have a look head over to my Blog Shop   



  1. Suchg beaut pictures doll! And that shirt is just too cool for school! Aha I found you through your depop! yay xo


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