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Tish Jarrett photography
Rest In Pizza T-shirt - Killer Condo
Mom Jeans - Boohoo.com

Forever loving a play on words, this R.I.P - Rest In Pizza tee from Killer Condo is awesome! I love these shots Tish took and the skater park setting. Once again i find myself wishing i could skate however i don't think balancing on a board with wheels on it was meant for the uncoordinated and clumsy. I still have cuts and bruises from my 21st, me and my friends are still no closer to knowing where they came from unless there are now bushes on the underground. 

May we take a moment to in loving memory remember my dreadlock which lasted for about 3 weeks in Christmas before the disapproving comments, disgusted touches and being made to shove it down the back of my top got a bit too much. Dear dreadlock i hope you are rested in pizza (which you probably are because you got thrown in my bin).

Also i am definitely wearing this tee when i go to The Pizza Underground gig, Macauley Culkin's (Home Alone boy) band. It's all The Velvet Underground covers, but they have changed them so they are all about Pizza! I'm so stoked! 

lots of love,


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  1. This is perfect - I love the wash of the jeans xo


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