I'm really a mermaid


Mermaid Bikini - This Is A Love Song
Holographic Sandals - Missguided 

This is literally my childhood dream right here, move aside Ariel! 

So the Coachella vibes got to me, I am determined to go one day! This year I kinda feel like I'm there though as my cousins are there and have been whats apping me pics and updates. Even my cuz agrees I would fit in there with my far out fashion style ha! For now, chilling in this amazing Mermaid bikini by This Is A Love Song is more than good enough for me!

I have been in love with this amazing piece of lycra ever since I saw it on dollskill. Looking through This Is A Love Songs SS14 is a dream, its just too amazing! I feel as if i want to collage all the pretty pictures and put it as my screensaver.

Right now I just need a beach and sun because this bikini makes me feel like a boss ass bitch, i never want to take it off and somehow I think wearing it secretly under my clothes may be taking it too far....

Love ya,

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