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 Pink floral contrast shirt - Hawes and Curtis 
Plaid Suit - Primark (yeaaars ago)
Cheap Monday glasses - Specsavers
Heels - Clarks

Hey guys!

Don't I look smart? I received this amazing Hawes and Curtis shirt the other day, I love the floral detailing and double collar! My mum loves it as well which is very unusual for my mum and me to both like the same item of clothing haha! So double points! 

I finally got my new Cheap Monday glasses from Specsavers, they make me see and sassy! Now, I like to think i have good eye sight and my sis is always taking the mickey at how weak my glasses are. But, Oh My Gaaah my prescription changed slightly and it makes all the difference my eyes have been given a new lease of life! The glasses are now permanently glued to my face whilst I do all my blogging and start my final assessments for my degree so expect a few selfies in them out of procrastination.

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  1. The designer was very responsive and helpful. Very happy with my purchase, though I was very skeptical when it came to buying a new dress online. But the designer made me feel right at ease.


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