South Beach bikini -
Denim Shirt - Miss Selfrige
Fedora - Warehouse
Jelly Shoes - Deichmann
Necklace - Delilah Dust

Summer is coming yay! I seem to have a little obsession with swimwear at the moment! I love this new Hawaiian retro print bikini from The Hut with detailed bow back! I just wanna get my beach babe on right now and go away where there is sea, sun and sangria! 

For the time being though I shot this at my sis's flat when I was down there at the weekend - props to my mum for working the SLR! (I'm still waiting to find a cool hipster photographer boyf to take my blog pics for me ha but for the time being when i'm at home it is just whatever family member I can rope into helping me! haha) Technically my sister was taking photo's as well although she was sending them to her friends on snapchat as she thought it was hilarious that I was in a bikini parading around a council block haha. Thank goodness I have a good sense of humour.

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