Head Over Heels


Trousers - Persunmall 
Sandals - IKrush 
Necklace - Delilah Dust

These trousers didn't even tear when they fell from heaven. Yeah I would go THAT far haha. They are so comfy and cool and I love the bandana print! They might be a acquired taste though, my mum wasn't too pleased when I turned up to dinner in them the other week. My mum and sister decided I looked like I had just got off the plane from backpacking around Thailand.

I hands down refuse to wear any item of clothing that isn't comfortable so for me this outfit is the perfect mix of stylish and comfortable. Well it was comfortable until my dog Tilly decided to come and climb all over me, I swear to amount of photobombs my dog does deserves a medal. One day i shall do a post labelled 'Tilly Photobombs'. I would be quite scared at posting it though because my dog is a very photogenic doggy so would outshine me on any day.


  1. Amazing shoot! Your shoes are perfect !

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