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Hearts and Bows Pink Gingham Co-Ord - Ark Clothing
Heels - tReds

Hey Guys,

So i officially have 10 days to finish my final university assessment! Ah scary! 
So I'm working like crazy at the moment, I spent my entire weekend in the editing room but then got to go on a spontaneous 'date night' with my lovely friend Anna which was perfection!

The date night gave me a great excuse to wear my fantastic new Co-Ord from Ark which i am in love with at the moment! Its like Mean Girls and Clueless in a outfit. I know a few of you have already  purchased a Co-Ord from Ark in the past week (which is seriously insane that you see it on me and then buy it, baffling for me ha but very flattered!)

 I took a quick break from work today as i got the email to say my tReds heels were here (and got back just before a massive rain storm happened - bossed it!) I love these chunky black heels from tReds, adding the perfect grunge contrast to this soft pink look.

Anyway, wish me luck! 



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  1. Perfect look! I love your shoes!

    Saskia! xo


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