If only i could dream... we would start again.


Mark Woodward Photography
Dress: H&M
Choker: Ebay
Watch: Casio
Barbie Socks: Primark
Creepers: Underground 

90's throwback with barbie socks and a choker, happy days!
This is also one of my fave LBD's, I'm such a sucker for cutouts and mesh.

I handed in my dissertation yesterday (scary!) now I (just) have 3 TV studio exams and then i'm done! Goodbye Uni! Hello lower degree than i deserve because my lovely new degree course hasn't quite worked out a fair marking scheme at this stage (grrr). I'm going to miss uni so much, i have done loads whilst being here but sometimes I cant help but wish i could start it over again and do a few things differently and not have been so shy/awakward/ scared in the beginning ha, its definitely been a character changing experience!

On the other hand i feel as if i have outgrown uni and the people here. I cannot wait for my exciting new chapter to begin! I don't exactly know where I want to go but I have the drive, determination and passion for whatever i do finally end up choosing. I've got a great first door open for September *fingers crossed* so i am so ready to throw myself into new learning experiences and to work my little tushie off.  

Love you all!


  1. You look gorgeous! I love those socks, so adorable xo

  2. Love your dress and your socks :p

    Saskia! xo


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