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I recently did a interview with Pretty Good Look and havn't posted a interview feature in a while so i thought i would post it for you all to read, you never know you may find out something new about me... 

Pretty Good Look reached out to 90′s loving fashionista Sabrina Carder for an interview and the following post is the result of an innovative, young eccentric. Ms Carder told PGL about her fashion style currently being influenced by Sabrina The Teenage Witch, declaring her love for snapbacks and gave us a list of her favourite independent brands she has worked with.
Scroll down for some colourful imagery and cool ass posing!

1. Who is Sabrina Carder and why the name Young Eccentric?
I go by the nickname Sabs, I’m 21 and an identical twin from London. I’m a model and am about to graduate with a Bsc in Film and Television Production, I also have an overflowing tea-cup and saucer collection and an obsession with peanut butter.
I’m even surprised I came up with such a clever name as The Young Eccentric! ha I wanted a blog name that expressed my style and personality and the word ‘eccentric’ seemed perfect.

2. How did you get into blogging and how long you been doing it for?
I have been running The Young Eccentric for around a year and a half.
Ever since i started to dress myself i have always been asked “Sabrina what ARE you wearing!?”. So by the time i reached 19 i decided to start my blog to see if i really did dress like a weird kid or if there were people out there who shared my style. I wanted a space where i could freely express myself and my inspirations as i was a very shy teenager and my memory sucks so it was a great way of keeping track of my inspirations and looks!

3. Sabs, your blog post titles is always an abstract phrase or word, what is the story behind your blog post titles?
haha i always wonder if anybody reads my blog post titles and thinks ‘what is she on about!?”. Yeah some are kind of abstract, a lot of people use their blog like their personal diary expressing their own thoughts and feelings and although I’m way too self-conscious to poor my heart out on the internet my post titles often express how im feeling or a title that helps to express the outfit. I use a lot of music lyrics as i love music, and musicians can express feelings in a lot more eloquent way than i can ha (if you havent also noticed i am highly dyslexic so i often get a call from my mum correcting my grammar and spelling mistakes on my blog ha)!
Sabs 4

4. Would you ever consider becoming a fashion ‘YouTuber’?
I have been asked why i dont do youtube video’s, especially as im a film student! I like the idea of creating a youtube channel as photo’s on my blog dont manage to express my personality. I met one follower of my blog the other day who was pleasantly surprised that i was actually a nice person! I think on my blog i may suffer from ‘chronic bitch face’ haha! In the future i am thinking of entering into the scary world of youtube where i would do fashion video’s as well as music covers as im a keen singer but at the moment it still scares me too much.

5. Describe your fashion style?
I have a very eclectic style so you never know what I’m going to turn up in or from what era! However, I do seem to gravitate towards either looking like a male 90s reject or grunge grandma.
I love anything from the 90s even if I am the only person who still does! I love the nostalgia of things that remind me of my childhood (forever young at heart!). I also love vintage and often rummage through vintage and charity shops, I also kept most of my nan’s wardrobe when she passed so often find treasures when looking through it.

6. Give 3 Fashion Tips/Advice ?
  •  Fashion should be fun
  • As hard as it is, try not to let other people’s opinion effect or change the way you want to dress.
  • Clothes should always be comfy

7. Who or what are your fashion influences?
I’ve never really had a style icon. Recently I have been watching a lot of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, (I still love Harvey Kinkle! ha). I often see old 90′s styles and then try it out maybe with a modern twist. I like mix matching styles and trends and put my own twist on things. I do love a cheeky scroll through Tumblr, it’s a great way to create a visual mood board of my inspirations and influences.

8. What is your favourite type of accessory?
Snapbacks! I love my snapbacks, at the moment i have got into a habit of wearing them backwards.

9. In your opinion’s what is the most important aspect to the perfect fashion look?
feeling confident and happy in what you’re wearing

10. Can you name some of your favourite small brands you have worked with?
I am so lucky to have worked with so many amazing independent brands so this is really hard!
My faves at the moment are:
11. What are your favourite colour(s)?
I love pastel colours! My two favorites are mint and lilac, at the beginning I had a dreadlock in my hair in those colours, i looked like a little pony, i loved it!

12. If you could style anyone past or present, who would it be?
Hayley Williams, I was a massive Paramore fan growing up, at one stage out of my many hair colours i had bright orange hair. Her style is amazing anyway and we share a similar style both repping creepers back before they became a trend.

13. What do you love most about blogging?
I love the openness in people sharing their individual styles and how bloggers all help to inspire one another.

14. What are you 3 best make up products?
I am not a make-up wearing person so the only three products I use regularly are MAC concealer, MAC Russian red lipstick and MAC eyebrow pencil.
Sabs 2
15. What social/fashion related apps or websites help strengthen your brand, network and admirers?
I started off on so have a strong following on there. I also started my Tumblr way before my actual blog and i feel Tumblr helps to express my personality and inspirations in a great visual way. I also am getting a great response from my Instagram, I only got a Iphone a few months ago I used to borrow my mum’s to do occassion posts but now i am loving having a phone with internet! It makes blogging and sharing so much easier!

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