The girl version.


 Vintage Shirt - Cat Called Esteban
Herschel Heritage Backpack -
Leather Leggings - H&M
OBEY Snapback

Okay so I am one happy girl! Check out my new Herschel backpack! Yes, I love streetwear brands and yes, I do dress like a boy. I am so excited to add this awesome Herschel backpack to my streetwear accessories collection! Herschel is the sliced bread of backpacks and I have been lusting over one for ages! 

It goes great with my Obey cap that I have dusted off as I got it way back when I started uni and havn't worn it much lately. I wore this outfit down to London at the weekend and a man who was behind me said "excuse me sir", his face when I turned round was hilarious! That has never happened to me before although I'm quite surprised it hadn't happened sooner! 


  1. So cool ! :)

  2. Your shirt !!!!!
    Saskia! xo


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