More Man Than You'll Ever Be.


Tish Jarrett photography
 bralet - Missguided
Snapback - Primark
Jeans - New Look
Adidas Forum up - Footlocker

So who saw the pic of Kendall Jenner with the ridic amount of likes on insta wearing Calvin Klein boxers? And who used to wear their Tammy Girl pants like that back in the 00s?
Ah nostalgia -yeah this look is a joke at all that, with my awesome 'I <3 Boys Pants' boxers i found in my draw ha (not). Anyway me and Tish had great fun shooting this look basically just messing around pretending to awaken my inner LAD ha #doitlikeadude #sorrynotsorry #bae #swag (I scare my mum a little more every day that i'm going to want to turn into a boy haha).

Right now my dissertation is in its time to get back to my full fitness/health regime woop.

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  1. Love this look !
    Saskia! xo


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