He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not


 Dress: Ever Pretty
Earring: Galisfly
Necklace: H&M
Platform Sandals: Ikrush

I don't think I have ever looked so elegant! I do apologise to all of you who follow my blog because one minute i look like a 90s alien and the next i look like this! Its like I have a split wardrobe personality! Oh well at least you guys never know whats coming next!

I am writing this post from Greece hence the fact I look kinda like a greek goddess ha! I have had an insane week. I had my summer ball, packed up all my uni stuff, went to my bestie Becky's 21st which was INSANE and then jetted off to Greece! Not a bad life! 

My Greek inspired look features this amazing elegant maxi dress from Ever Pretty which i was going to wear to my course ball this evening but unfortunately I cant attend so instead I ran around the plum trees and picked petals off roses at my villa wearing it instead. If like me you stress out when looking for dresses for prom, graduation etc definitely go check them out! 

Secondly who is liking my fresh new earring swag!? My fave Galisfly sent me a spanking new cross earring which has been my signature for about three years now! I didn't realise how horridly discolored my old one was until I took it out! Gal thanks so much, this earring is definitely going to last me the next few years! All my friends are very jealous of my amazing gold frosting I have from Galisfly so if you are looking for some jewelery to spruce up your summer looks go and have a gander!

I have a load more posts in the pipeline here from Greece but for the time being you can see all updates on my Instagram - including the incredible view i have writing this post right now!

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