I just wanna be by your side, here's hoping we collide, wanna hear your beating heart tonight.


Tish Jarrett Photography
 Shirt - The Ragged Priest
Platforms - IKrush
Glasses -£land
Chain - H&M

I got a tad obsessed with this outfit. I have been a fan of The Ragged Priest for years and used to go especially to Oxford Street Topshop to spend my Topshop vouchers on the brand.

I'm having one of those days where I'm not too sure what to say ha probably because I worked out I was celebrating, *cough* partying for 23 hours with only 3 hours sleep in between! I had a blast though, I went out with all my course mates which was the most hilarious thing ever, hijacked a DJ booth, went on a bouncy castle obstacle course, got a henna tattoo, rode a rodeo bull for over 50 seconds and danced in the uni building they had turned into a club (very bizarre)! 


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