All I Wanna Be Is Somebody To You


Top: Eldima Fashion
Kimono: Choies Clothing
Skirt: Primark 
Sandals: Alison Sman

Summer time means its acceptable to mix things that wouldn't normally be acceptable. You can mix and match prints and colours, bikini's and this year you can even mix the normally flat sandal with a platform or heel - say whaaa? I'm so glad a pair of platform sandals is a must this year! It makes going from my staple winter Creepers a lot easier as it means I don't look a few inches shorter during the summer months! I have been doing a bit of searching around and have found some amazing pairs to add to my wish list on Nasty Gal,  Windsor Smith, SoleStruck,  Brantano and ASOS .

Also, this blog title is from that new Vamps song (how top 40 of me haha). It's my new car jam at the moment which now all my friends know thanks to my sister snapchat storying me singing loudly to it whilst in traffic. It just won't get out my head.


  1. Mixing prints and patterns is totally acceptable in the summer! Your kimono is sooo gorgeous!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

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