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I'm The Pretty Sister tanks - GoodGirl Tees

Here is a very special post to brighten up your Monday!

If you didn't already know i'm an identical twin! So for the first time let me introduce you all to my lovely twin Lucinda (the one on the left if you can't tell the difference just yet ha).

Yes our childhood was filled with matching clothes and fighting over who was Mary- Kate and who was Ashley. Luckily we have grown up to be very different individuals. She's the brains, i'm the creative, she's the girly one and I'm the tomboy. Yes we do scarily similar things sometimes like when we would call one another for a evening chat only to find out we have had the exact same thing for dinner, even though we lived over 200 miles apart.

 I think this is the first time since childhood that we have dared to step into the same outfit, but how could we not to model these amazing "I'm The Pretty Sister" tanks from GoodGirl Tees? GoodGirl Tanks & Tees is a fashion brand celebrating women and girls who know their minds, know what they want and tend not to follow the rules. They are sure-fire conversation starters and FYI, the small print also makes boys look at your boobs haha. I am so in love with this brand who have over 50 slogans to choose from and I am lucky to have a few others to share with you guys in the coming weeks!


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