Nokia 3310


Yes that is a Nokia 3310 printed all over my skirt and i love it.  Now, who had a Nokia 3310? *hands up* I think every 90s kid did, i can still remember my excitement when i got it! This skirt is the first item i own from one of my fave brands Om Weekend or otherwise known as O-mighty. If i could, i would dress in O-mighty 24/7!

I have just moved back home and it has taken me 3 days to sort my room and stuff! 3 days! Amongst all that rubbish i found all my old mobiles - turns out i went through 5 in the past 3 years! I didn't break any of them either they just sorta died, probably because most were retro hand me downs similar to this Nokia gem as i couldn't afford a new one.  Although i now wouldn't live without my iphone i do miss the snake game, battery life and not having a massive phone bill each month *sigh*.

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  1. Ahaha yes that phone! I remember mexcitement when I got mine as well! The skirt is so awesome!

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