Unrequited Love


Maxi Dress: This Is AKA
Heels: New Look

Oh My Goth isn't this just amazing!? My love of black sheer material and mesh has been greatly fulfilled due to AKA! The luxury streetwear brand from Manchester has a simply stunning selection of monochrome, minimalistic styles using some of my fave fabrics and silhouettes. I have been wearing this dress with my Dr Martens quite a bit having to try very hard not to do full on black eyeshadow and add a stud belt (you can take the goth out the girl....). I thought I would dress it up for a change so added some simple stilettos.

 I shot this the other night after shooting a exciting feature which you will hear more about soon with the amazing photographer Grey Pistachio and MUA Christiana *hey guys!* who worked wonders on my face (hence why I look more striking than usual).     


  1. You are so beaut, such a model! That dress is so gorgeous, I love open backs. xox


    1. Aww thank you so much!! <3
      I know open backs rule dont they!? :)
      Sabs xxxxxxx

  2. being a black obsesser myself i am absolutely head over heels for this dress! your hair and make-up compliment it beautifully
    s x

    1. Aw thanks so much! I know i wish i could have this hair and make-up everyday!
      Love Sabs xxxxx

  3. Lovely dress!

    Saskia! xo


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