We stayed up later than the moon and the stars


 Sun and Moon Two Set - Motel Rocks
Sandals - Ikrush

Okay i'm beginning to come to terms with the fact I may have a co-ord obsession. One of my friends came up to me the other day and asked 'Sabs do you ever wear anything that isnt a co-ord?' which is a fair point I own 5 now! I love this Motel Rocks one for numerous reasons, firstly the iconic Motel sun and moon print is just amazing! Secondly the racer style crop top is a awesome 90s style and thirdly its such a nice tight fit so stays in place, normally all my high waist items manage to sink below my belly button (which no one wants to see because I was a very premature baby, so have a weird iny-outy creation). Ooh I have never actually shared with you my baby fame so I shall spill all now... 

Basically me and my twin were born at 28 weeks, so yeah very prematurely because my mum had a ton of complications which I cant really explain but it was some magical new scientific procedure that saved us. If you dig out the BBC news and This Morning from 1993 I shall be on one of them! (Rather tragically for my mum whose style choices and perm are now historical haha). Me and my sis were one of those miracle baby stories, I weighed only 1 stone 3 ounces and at a month old was still only the size of a caterpillar cake. In fact I ate an entire caterpillar cake to myself on my 21st birthday which now thinking about it is quite funny. So yeah there you go! 


  1. Interesting post! I love the co-ord! You have an amazing, style, just gave you a follow on bloglovin :)

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aw thank you so much Alice!!! <3
      I shall be sure to check out your blog when i get a free min :)


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