Wireless Festival 2014 | H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams


 On Friday I was lucky enough to attend Wireless Festival as a V.I.P along with the lovely girls at Debenhams, awesome peeps at Gatherly and the incredible Henry Holland. Myself and three other gorgeous fashion bloggers Lucia, Kelly and Kristabel got to go to Debenhams earlier in the week to style an outfit featuring the collection H! By Henry Holland to wear to the festival. Find out about my amazing day below, I still cant believe I was there, I had the most incredible day and feel so lucky to have shared it with such amazing people! 

Here is a sneak peak of my outfit, I shall do a proper outfit post to follow. As you can see the smile could not be wiped off my face for the day!

We all started the day off at Hoi Polloi and although I had a early start the pancakes, coffee and amazing idea of Bucks Fizz was so worth the lack of sleep! 

"First things first I'm the realest!" - I was super excited to see Iggy who was incredible! (I can confirm her ass is as amazing in real life). Also I got a tad excited when she sung the lyrics "Turn over here, its the 4th of July" because it was the 4th of July! 

I loved Iggy's mesh shorts and bomber jacket! I was also wearing a mesh bomber jacket from This Is AKA so felt very cool matching Iggy! She also rocked a Chromat bralet - I freaking love Chromat!
Surprise guest Rita Ora came out to perform Black Widow - both of these gals got moves! Rita was also looking stunning in a co-ord (I am so bloody obsessed with Co-ords!)

We were all very happy watching Pharrell who I can't say I was too bothered about seeing ( I know I was soo wrong) he was insane and by far my favorite of the day! He played classics such as Hot In Here (which it was because it was blooming boiling!) and other great tunes that I had to idea he had worked on.

DUN- DUN- DUUUUUN! We ran into the incredible Jordan Dunn who is just beautiful and so lovely! Fair to say I have never felt so short in all my life! She looked awesome rocking a bandana top and dungarees!

Back in the V.I.P area it was Circus themed and as well as the awesome tents and bunting numerous circus acts from Cirque Le Soir and freaky things were wondering around. Some were a tad too freaky for my liking like one woman who had a snake around her hips!

Finally we get to Kanye. Now I was very pessimistic about him at first however up until his 20 minute rant (yes that is not a overstatement, 20 minutes! And yes we did boo) I was starting to think he is actually a very talented chap! When he did get back to playing songs such as Touch The Sky where they cut the music out beforehand because he told us all the jump and security went a bit cray I thoroughly enjoyed it! But he did keep proving that he is a bit of a dick when he started directing the cameramen to stay on the same shot and congratulating himself on how much better it looked. His mask couldn't quite mask his ego, although I did enjoy his mega fail slip up when he told us all to "Fuck his face".

 I did get kinda freaked out when in Kanye a projection of a waterfall went up and then it started to rain - Yeezus?

I'm sure I said it numerous times on the day but I shall say it again, it was the most insane/amazing/ out of this world day and even sitting here writing this post, the V.I.P band still on my wrist I still dont quite know if it was real life. Or how I, Sabrina Carder managed to get there (I mean WTF!?) but I would just like to give a massive thank you to the amazing people at Debenhams, Gatherly and Henry for letting me experience a day that I shall never forget!

Outfit post shall be up soon!  


  1. Replies
    1. it was incredible! i was a very lucky girl that day!
      Thank you Alice!! <3

  2. Wowwww what a day! You lucky lady sounds amazing :-) xx


    1. Hey Abbi!
      I know, what a day right! I was so lucky! A week on i'm still pinching myself!!
      Have a good weekend,

  3. Omggggggg can't believe you hung out with Henry Holland.

    Sophie x

    1. haha Sophie! Lovely Chap!
      Hope your well! :)


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