Girl On The Ground at LFW Yahoo Lifestyle competition


Hey Guys!

So I feel very excited to say that i am in the final shortlist of 8 fashion bloggers to report from LFW SS15 for Yahoo Lifestyle teamed with Motel Rocks!

To be the Girl On The Ground would be amazing as i would get to report to you all the latest fashion updates from on and off the catwalk! I would absolutely love the opportunity to do this once in a lifetime experience and would hopefully bring some of my Sassy Sabby vibes to LFW. I love LFW and have attended the past 4 seasons. I have loved writing style updates from the Catwalk and speaking to all the wonderful Street Stylers but this year i would love to do something different and get in front of the camera (putting all nerves aside). Also if you do follow my blog or have worked with me then you will know that I do like to have a bit of a laugh so I would love to bring a bit of fresh air and fun to LFW reporting!

All you have to do is click here and then on the right hand side click 'Sabrina Carder' (third one down) and then 'vote' so if you could spare a few seconds to do this i would be very grateful!  I'm up against some mega tough competition and great fashion bloggers so i no way think i am going to win but hey i might as well give it a go!

A little laugh is also that a few LFW's ago Yahoo Lifestyle coined me as one of The Weirdest Looks at LFW SS14 - no joke. At the time it made me quite upset as i got A LOT of hate from it so lets prove all them wrong and give weird/ me a chance! ha

Voting closes at 3pm on Friday, 29 August.


  1. Just voted for you :) Good luck!!

    Sophie x

  2. Good luck lovely!It sounds like such an amazing experience I am doing makeup at LFW which I am super excited about as it is my first year. Fingers crossed you get win :D xx

    1. thanks so much Lucy! Im slightly overwhelmed by all the support i have had and the lovely comments!! Ah you shall have a great time! Have fun and hopefully see you there :) xxx

  3. Wow congrats, that's great news!
    Glad I found your blog on the Company website :)
    I'm your latest Bloglovin follower girl, love your style <3

    xoxo Iris
    A Dash Of Fash

    1. Hi Iris!!
      Wow thanks so much!! Ah i love Company! They are so great to bloggers and amazing for finding new blogger inspirations!
      Thanks for the follow! hope you continue to like my posts :) xxxxx

  4. I'm not sure, if that's good or bad if you ask somebody to vote for you, if you're bot a president, but, at least, you have to know how to ask that properly. In such situation. you can always ask to take a part in your writing or write instead of you and that'll be not that annoying and weird as I feel it now.


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