I'm Over It.


Holly Smith Photography from Gather.ly feature

'Im Over It' vest- Good Girl Tees
Nokia Skirt - O-Mighty
Buffalo Boots

So I think this may be my fave outfit of the summer season that i shot with Holly for Gather.ly a few weeks back. It features two things that have been on my wish list forever, which is something from O-Mighty *check* and Buffalo Boots *check, check*. I also love the cheeky 'I'm Over It' vest from Good Girl Tee's which i have been living in. I also like the creative aspect that this outfit looks like someone has text 'I'm Over It' on their Nokia 3210 haha - girl power!

I received a very surprising email yesterday, i have managed to get through to the 8 shortlist fashion bloggers to be a 'girl on the ground' at LFW in September with Yahoo Lifestyle and Motel Rocks! *quite scream*. Basically its a absolute dream of a opportunity where i would get to bring you all the LFW style reports and updates in my usual sassy sabby style so if you could please give me a cheeky vote here i would be very greatful and spread the word!

Lots of love


  1. Cool style but i don't really like the shoes http://thedangerousworldoffashion.blogspot.fr/

  2. This combo is great, I love it!

    xx E∆


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