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Tish Jarrett Photography
Random Cartoon Dress - I got it from a random shop in York
Shoes: Ikrush.com

Here's a bit of a throwback post to the last look I shot with my mate and photographer babe Tish. Its a little weird thinking back to this time when i was trying frantically to get together my dissertation and finish my degree as well as plan my life for after uni. My life feels slightly more on track after graduating and finishing that part of my life and I am now so looking forward to September and starting to experience and work on new things.

Also fun fact you know those bracelet things that are the new craze, Loom Bands? Well, i bought a couple of packs back when i shot this in April but only because i thought they made awesome hair bands (i have glittery ones and neon ones) so yeah i have loom bands in my hair here haha. 

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