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So last week I did a feature shoot and interview with my fave peeps from the amazing site I have been a little slow at sharing this because its taken me a bit of time for the very flattering feature to sink in.

I first met the lot back in March as i was very intrigued by their promise of gathering together unique people and extraordinary opportunities. They're a network with a twist, joining the most inspiring and talented people who have joint passions. Offering them the opportunity to collaborate and create alongside each other, all the while documenting the outcome to inspire others.

After leaving uni and feeling kinda at a crossroads and the amazing people behind the site have given me so much confidence and reassurance not in just what i do, but in myself. I can put my hand on my heart and say its not only the incredible network and experiences i have been lucky enough to have had whilst working with them, such as going to Wireless with Debenhams and Henry Holland. It is the unique and extraordinary people who run that are the most inspiring, fun loving and wonderful people who make every meeting and experience even better!   

Holly Smith photography
 A special thank you to the super cool chick Holly for running around Brick Lane with me to do this shoot, which was more like catching some rays and having a catch up (albeit with from disruptions from men shouting out of their cars at us). Also to the uber babe (and i don't use this word lightly or often) but in this case Tash is a complete babe and I love her Aussie arse. You both are probably two of the coolest people i know and your kind words in the feature nearly brought me to overwhelmed tears.

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  1. Oh, we equally loved putting together the feature and having you as part of the fam!


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