Happy 2nd Birthday The Young Eccentric!


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Pokemon Necklace I Made

Hey guys!

So duh duh duuuuh my blog turned 2 years old this week! How insane is that!?
I celebrated by lying on my bed in a pile of pokemon cards playing on my gameboy. I recently discovered my child keepsake box and literally nearly cried when i found all my 90's childhood faves! 

To anyone who have followed my blog for these past 2 years will know how much i love the 90's and anything nostalgic so i thought this would be a perfect post to celebrate my blog birthday!

A massive thank you to you all for putting up with my weird, whacky and massively versatile style for these past two years! I am speechless and cant even put into words how much this blog has changed my life and me and a person. 

I just started this blog as a shy, kooky and introvert girl where one of the only ways i could express my personality was through my clothes. To anyone who has met or worked with me in these past two years will tell you i'm no longer that shy, nervous, socially awkward girl who hid in corners in weird outfits. I now have so much more confidence in myself and i have everyone who has ever visited this blog to thank! So thank you!

Love you all,


  1. love it. I want all those Pokemon cards :O Happy Birthday dear; hope you got some awesome presents :P


  2. Aw happy blog birthday :)

    Sophie x


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