I wish that I could forget about the stupid little things


Twinkle Eyes Top - The Creeps Store
Fur Gillet - Celeb Look
Polka Dot Skirt - Yes For 
Cleated Sole Boots - New Look 
Fedora - Warehouse
Purple Lipstick - Manic Panic

All black everything.

 I have really got into wearing black at the moment, I always consider people who dress all in black to look really boring but as per usual i am still finding ways to make my dress sense a little quirky even if i am dressed in one colour! 

I am slightly obsessed with textures at the moment and am especially loving this mesh polka dot skirt and mesh crop top paired with this rather monster fur gillet. Oh also I am LIVING in these heeled boots from New Look, they are the comfiest thing ever! My friends keeps saying 'Ooh Sabs you look dressed up' but that's only because I either look like i'm about to walk a catwalk or look homeless - there in no sensible in between.

Final note: everyone check out the purple lips! Yes not my normal red - i'm loving experimenting with different lip colours at the moment (my mums not enoying it haha).


  1. Love your skirt and fur :)

    Saskia ! xo

  2. I absolutely love every piece in this look, flawless <3

    The Quirky Queer


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