The Simpsooons..DOH


Holly Smith photography for
Donut top: Sugar Tops
Bart Simpson shorts:
Donut socks: Topman
Buffalo Boots

If The Simpsons could be a outfit i think this would be it. Donuts and Bart Simpson all in one - oh the nostalgia. When i was younger i used to always watch The Simpsons after school and at uni i got into the same routine after missing those amazingly charismatic yellow people. Then i went on a bit of a tangent and started watching youtube video's of the real people who voice them (FYI Bart Simpsons voice is actually done by a woman!)

On the way home from shooting this i may have also got a pink sprinkled donut from Dunkin Donuts for the train home nom.


  1. gosh those shoes are perfection. damn. I had the same shorts, but I gave them to my cousin bc they didnt fit well :/ xxx


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