Aint No Party Like A SkinnyDip Party



 Here's a little post from the awesome SkinnyDip London x Selfridges Launch along with a exclusive sneak peek at the new collection.

Now you all know I have been a fan of SkinnyDip for ages and they just keep getting better! With a ton of yummy cocktails, photobooth fun and DJ skills from Zara Martin (whose collab with SkinnyDip is going to be in-sane!) it was one jolly good night!

Surrounded by way too many amazing new products it was so hard to choose a favorite! From the Sassy, Fries Before Guys and Im Really A Unicorn iphone cases as well as the extremely cute furry monster clutch and headphones I was running around like a crazed pink monster.

In hindsight it probably wasn't the best first event to take my reserved twin Lucinda too as I was like a hyper child running around amongst all the colourful, shiny and fluffy things (I was literally in heaven).  I think I heard her finally say "i'm not with her" when myself Lucy and Analise decided to change the SkinnyDip balloons around to spell out NIPS - I think we all had quite sore heads in the morning haha. Aint No Party Like A SkinnyDip Party!

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