Girl Power


Holly Smith photography for
Co- Ord - Ark Clothing
Platform Sandals - Ikrush

I am aware if anyone has a Clueless or 90's themed party this would be the outfit to wear. Looking at these pics is making me miss the memories of shooting with Ark back in May which was one of the most amazing opportunities ever! Still so much love for Ark and their forever growing amazingness! 

Also my highlights from the Summer was my time spent with! These pics come from my feature with them here. I swear I am one very lucky girl to get to work and meet with so many amazing people running this blogging thingy- very honoured! 


  1. daaamn cool outfit! looks like straight outta some 90s movie xx


  2. Love your look !
    Saskia! xo

  3. what a great opportunity, and I love the outfit. So cuuute


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