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 T-shirt: £2 off Vinted (a new-ish selling app, I love it!) 
Boots: Buffalo Boots

I got this shirt off Vinted, a new selling app, which I am loving! You can follow me by searching 'youngeccentric' and I upload new items regularly. I was searching through and found this gem of a oversized tee. Now you all know how much I love a statement tee, whether it be food graphics to humorous slogans, thinking about it i probably wear my heart on my tee. 

Well this tee had me laughing out loud and reminded me of many a Tumblr posts I have reblogged, so I just had to get it. With the winter looming i was aware i would be pretty cold if i went out in just that so I added a trusty jumper. I really don't want to admit this but this jumper is my favorite (mostly due to my lack of nice warm ugly jumpers).  So many of my friends and family have said "I love your jumper, where did you get it!?" to which I inwardly die and mumble something about a vintage shop. Its a long story but i shall maybe do a post with it in soon.


  1. Very true... must get hubby one of those!

    1. haha i know right :P defs get one for the hubby xxxx

  2. your hairdo is perfect! wicked! love it! <3

    1. aw thank you so much <3 I do love this hairstyle :)


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