Henry Holland and a unicorn | Debenhams #foundit


So last week I was very busy but I did manage to pop down to Debenhams to take part in their #foundit Christmas campaign and meet up my the lovely chap Henry Holland again. I got to choose a piece from the H! By Henry Holland collection for the wonderful man himself to customise.

 Of course i chose a jumper with a unicorn on it! Myself and Henry then went about adding a bit of 90's bling with some colourful jewels. His wonderful seamstresses then sewed the design onto the jumper and tada! I had a jumper that was rarer than a unicorn!

Thanks Henry and Debenhams for the invite, i have literally lived in my jumper ever since and its going to be keeping me very warm and sassy during the winter!


  1. That is such a cute idea, love the jumper!

    Sophie x

  2. Not sure which is cooler... you, Henry or the jumper!

    1. Aw thank you so much Thomas! Your comment just made my day! And i would say the answer to that would definitely be either Henry or the jumper :) xxxxx


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