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Co Ord: Motel Rocks at Ark Clothing
Platform boots: Ark Clothing 
Fedora: Warehouse

My co-ord collection is now insane thanks to Becca at Ark for forever sorting me out with my fave type of clothing. I have said it before and i shall say it again, you just cant go wrong with a co-ord. They are easy to throw on, you know everything is going to match, its just the perfect no fuss outfit. 

As its coming into autumn I'm loving all the floral prints! (i know, i know, florals? for spring? groundbreaking haha). This black and multi colour floral print is perfect for me as its not too girly and can be grunged up with my new favorite boots (like literally i have not taken them off my feet!) plus Henry Holland was a fan when I wore them to catch up with him at Debenhams to customise a H! By Henry Holland item the other day - i shall do a blog post on it soon but at the moment I am interning so my days and nights due to the long commute are eating up most of my time but i'm LOVING IT! Anyway, back to the co-ord! My fave thing about it is the wrap around style of the skirt that reminds me of my school gym skirt haha im loving the tennis skirt trend at the moment! The top is also very cute with a deep V design in the back to add a little daring detail!

On another note all my money (now non existent money) is going on either travel or charity shops. My mum is very close to banning me from charity shops after i came home with a massive bag of multi coloured plastic balls (like the ones you used to get in the ball pits you used to play in when you were younger) as well as this awesome little crochet blanket! My bath is now filled with them so i have my own private ball pit (yes im so cool ha) but dont worry im not completely insane i am shooting something special with them which you guys shall have to wait and see.



  1. Great outfit! Hat finishes it off nicely too :)

    Bethanie x |


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