The scariest thing to be is yourself, so that's my Halloween costume.


My mum particularly gets scared about what i'm going to come downstair's wearing haha

My mum (left) Johanne (right)

Hey Guys!

Bit late but Happy Halloween!  Hope you all enjoyed it!

As you all know I LOVE Halloween which probably got passed down to me from my mum and her friend Johanne. This was my first Halloween at home as I have been at uni in York for the past 3 years. I'm not gunna lie i wasn't looking forward to it - i had some of the best nights of my life at uni on Halloween, dressing up as a Skeleton with glow in the dark hair, the only way i was recognisable was because of my white creepers and the next morning my hair was still glowing through my beanie hat in the screening room (embarrassing!). The next year I was Sabrina The Teenage Witch (duuh) and yes last year I did go as Miley Cyrus, which i shall never live down! This year i had absolutely no idea what to go as but luckily came across this illustration on Tumblr which said "The scariest thing to be is yourself, so that's my Halloween costume". The quote resonated with me as before starting this blog i was definitely more scared and hesitant about dressing how i wanted too and being the person i wanted to be. I hope that through my blog I help encourage others to be themselves. I know its scary at times, it still is for me and even yesterday my mum told me to go back upstairs to change as "she wasn't going out with me looking like that", haha! However, now instead of getting upset or feeling unsure about myself i just shrug and think, "well i'm not everyone's cup of tea maybe the people on my blog will like it" haha.

Anyway back to Halloween, this year i wasn't really excited about spending it with my mum but it actually turned out to be pretty amazing! We drove around in Johanne's convertible with them in full witches costumes, went trick or treating at her friends very spooky house, got take away pizza's and scared the poor pizza guy by jokingly asking if he thought we would find boyfriends that evening. We also walked around Sainsbury's to get some wine (surprisingly we wern't the only people dressed up, there was The Joker behind us at the checkout). We also let a load of random dressed up kids in Johanne's convertible for a photo. After terrorizing the town we all went back to Johanne's amazingly decorated house and watched Hocus Pocus (1993) -my mum isnt good with scary films ha and ate cute Halloween nibbles.   


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  2. Such a great idea for a costume! Halloween is my favourite time of the year too, I wish it could happen every day!


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