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 Motel Annie Rose Skirt: Ark Clothing
Motel Simona Rose Top: Ark Clothing
Lace Up Platform Boots: Ark Clothing
 Backpack: Vintage

 Hey Guys!
Hope you are all having a good week. 

Did any of you make any Black Friday purchases last week? I went a bit cray cray and bought LOADS. Most of the stuff I bought wasn't even discounted I just got a tad carried away and bought everything I had been wanting all year out of panic (not really the point of black friday haha!). My savings bank balance (due to my normal one already being at zero) took a hit but I don't think I have done a clothes shopping spree for years and I needed cheering up and some new winter warmers so i'm not going to feel too guilty.

Luckily a few things on my wish list were ticked off when I received a marvelous package from my fave girl Becca at Ark. Sending me a bit of Up North down to me after I moved from York back home near London. I do really miss Up North and the lovely Ark shops! These lace up platform boots are bang on trend right now, i love them, love them, love them and have literally been living in them! I also featured them in my recent Girls On The Ground post over on Yahoo as i gave a few styling tips on how to revive your old winter coat so go check it out! Becca is a BABE who knows me and my co-ord obsession all too well! How amazing is this 90s floral print, hella cute set?


  1. Love your outfits <3
    Saskia ! xo

    1. aw thanks so much Saskia!
      Your comment just made my day! :)
      Lots of love, Sabs xxx


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