Things are looking up - oh finally.


 Fedora, Jeans, Mesh Tee, Leather Jacket: Warehouse
Boots: New Look

 Its getting all cold and rainy again bleh. The winter months always makes me dress more monochrome - no idea why! However my new favorite item of clothing is a glittery/mesh tee, i actually own a few different ones now and they are just the perfect way to spruce up a normal jeans and tee look!

After feeling like i have struggled these past few months since leaving uni i think i have finally become content with myself and my progress. I can be quite hard on myself a lot of the time so meeting up with a old friend who i was catching up to date on what i had been up to put it in perspective. Its been months of highs and lows but my best achievements have been signing to Space Model Management as well as interning at Shortlist Magazine which has literally been the best experience of my life, i have loved every minute there, learn't so much, met lovely people and basically never want to leave.

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  1. Love your look and shoes !
    Saskia! xo


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