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Jumper: Primark 
Furby cluth: Claire's Accessories
Septum Ring: Claire's Acessories
Sandals: Missguided 
Pokemon Necklace: A little bit of DIY 


Happy New Year everybody!! Whose hungover? *my hands up*

I recently rekindled my love of Photoshop. I love making images look trashy and 90s. I shot this outfit a while back but thought it needed something extra to emphasise the 90s weirdness.

I bought this pink fluffy jumper from Primark as I have wanted the fluffy two set from GFD forever but this was a great cheap alternative! Basically, I wanted to look like a Furby okay! This outfit made me very happy as i accessorized with my fave Furby clutch and Holographic sandals.

I was also very happy to find these glasses that i got given at a event i modelled at a while back -they make everything rose tinted! :)

However my favorite 2 things about this outfit our:
1. My Pokemon necklace, that I made when i found my old Pokemon collection and literally nearly cried i was so happy!
2. My septum ring! I have always wanted my septum pieced and love how faux ones are now in fashion so i can wear mine without feeling like a twat.

Also is it just me who is still obsessed with Claire's Accessories!? My mum used to try and stop me going in there when i was a kid because i always used to come out with 'toot' but i loved those lucky dip bags you could buy for like £3!! Unfortunately for my poor mum i still go in there and come out with some marvelous things! However recently i did have to stop my 21 year old self from buying a Furby backpack which was obviously made for a 5 year old and so therefore made me into a hunchback.


  1. I love the DIY Pokemon necklace! I forgot how obsessed I used to be with Pokemon!

    1. Aw thanks Cassie! Haha me too! I bloody love Pokemon! Even found my gameboy and have been playing the game! Xxx

  2. Loved that post! The pokemon necklace is amazing haha :)
    Anyway, happy new year Sabrina ♡ I wish you the best!


    1. Thanks Sybille! I shall start doing a few more like it :)
      Happy new year!
      Sabs x

  3. Very nice =p

    Saskia! xo

  4. haha, you are so fun to read and your images do pretty much exude that bizarre 90s vibe I grew up thinking as normality. Amazing blog you have here, I'll be sure to pop by randomly because well, I like you! <3 xoxo

    missreverie | Fashionista NOW

    1. Oh wow thanks so much for the lovely comment!! So glad you share my love of the wonderful 90s! Thanks for loving my blogs fun vibe! :) happy new year! Hope you enjoy my other posts xxx


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