Just a Nan in a van.


Motel Tiara Dress: Ark Clothing (£15)*
Cleated Sole Boots: Ark Clothing (£24)*
Nana Beanie: Nana Judy*

This 'Nana' beanie has been getting so much hype! I have been wearing it loads since i went to the Nana Judy new collection launch at the Hoxton Basement. I recently wore it on boxing day as it was very chilly and a family gathering so I didn't quite think my other beanies with swear words on were appropriate. A random guy came up to me and asked if his gran could put the beanie on for a picture which was pretty jokes!

I also love this beanie because it reminds me of my Nan. To shoot this look my sis and I thought it would be funny to shoot it in my car, which used to be my nan's. We call it the van as the number plate has VAN at the end and it is a 19 year old white vintage monster but its my favorite thing in the world.

I grunged up this purple floral dress from Ark with my a pair of chunky cleated sole boots and a choker.


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