i'll stop the whole world from turning into a monster


Tish Jarrett Photography
Pastel Fur Coat: Boohoo (now only £35!)
Boots: Ark*

Sully from Monsters Inc, a Hubba Bubba - i've heard it all when it comes to this coat!

I fell in love with the coat the minute i caught eyes on it - its a pastel, fluffy, 90s dream! I hardly ever take it off, it genuinely completes me! ha

The reaction to this coat has been pretty hilarious as well. I was sat in a Starbucks and a little boy ran up and started stroking me. His dad then had to come and pick him up and asked him 'did you just come over here to stroke this ladies coat?' The boy shyly nodded, pointed and said Sully. I guess i could paint myself blue and start doing kids parties - cheaper than taking your kid to Disneyland.

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