LFW AW15 DAY 1 | What I Wore


 Pajama Suit: Vintage
Belt: Vintage
Suede Jacket: Vintage
Hat: Warehouse
Shoes: Clarks

Now my next post shall explain all about my wonderful first day at LFW but first i thought i would tell you about my outfit!

Basically, me being me I never learn and didn't plan a outfit. This led to me aggressively searching through my wardrobes in hopes and finding some treasure and luckily i did!

This pink pajama suit is actually pajamas and was legitimately in my PJ draw screwed up at the back. Turns out my mum bought it back from Vietnam or Cambodia years ago. I love oriental print and bright colours which i'm sure is going to come back into style soon.

Now what is in style is the 70s - it is everywhere! Through my recent modelling for Bird On A Wire i now have a obsession with suede and was ecstatic when i found this black suede blazer that my mum was going to throw out.

It was LFW and bloody freezing so i had my mums thermals on underneath (apparently i insisted a few years ago i didn't need thermals and that they were stupid). I was VERY glad to have my mums thermal bottoms hoisted up and tucked into my bra.

Last bit of info about this thrifty outfit. I was being interviewed/ street styled by Maybelline and they asked what lipstick i was wearing. Now you all know i'm no beauty blogger, the lipstick is however a gorgeous orange colour that was my Nans. As i explained to the reporter its probably very out of date and does have a kind funky smell but i love it.

This outfit just proves hoarding is always a good thing ha!   


  1. Amazing outfit, love the colour on you xx



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