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Little Black Dress:*
Fur Trim Cape:*
Knee High Boots: Public Desire

Hey guys,

Sorry for my absence! I have been interning at Marie Claire and commuting everyday drained me completely of my energy and bank balance ha! The month dramatically ended with me getting exhaustion 2 days before I finished but i'm getting better slowly! I loved my time there and felt so lucky to be part of such a amazing team with such wonderful people - I shall miss them *tear*!

Now onto the outfit. My work at Marie Claire also drained the colour out of my wardrobe as most of the office wore muted colours. I found myself wearing black a lot, so i went in search of some new clothes! I loved this sassy 'Little Black Dress' (only £12!), which went perfectly with my new knee high boots! I have also wanted a cape FOREVER and i feel all witchy and magical in this gorgeous fur trim one! I have some more monochrome wonders (and bargains) coming from soon!


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