Who let the dogs out?


This shoot is why i nearly got band from going to charity shops by my mum. 

I LOVE charity shops not only because often the charities are dear to my heart but also because i always love searching for some unique finds! I may have taken it up another notch though when i came out of a Thames Valley Cancer Research shop with this crochet blanket (£2) and a massive bag of multi plastic balls (£3.50).

Naturally the first thing i did when i got home was empty them all in my bath to create my very own personal ball pit! 90s eat your heart out! 

I also thought it would be a great creative way to showcase my new bikini from the amazing brand Velvet Sphynx! The founder Bettina creates the most incredible unique prints and designs that i cannot wait to rock on the beach in a couple of months! For the time being though you can find me wearing it in my ball it. 

[my mum thinks this post is going to get loads of hate comments so please be nice]


  1. I need to fill my bath with plastic balls, every kids dream is to have their own ball pit!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

    1. Hey Lucy!
      I know right!? I'm so glad someone else also shares my dream!
      Keep your eyes peeled - more ball pit posts in their way :)

  2. Lookbook ~~ Nice body ~~ I love when you show your thighs and hips in very tight pants or pantyhose -super cute girl ❤


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