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Top and Bottoms: O- mighty

This is the last in my ball pit series. I had so much fun shooting and styling this! The last look was pretty easy - i just threw on all my clobber from O-mighty! I am so in love with O-mighty and have been for a few years - my collection of their clothing just keeps on growing.

I love their stuff but as you can see its pretty 'out there' and i didn't wear the stuff i already owned very much because i was too self conscious. So, when i purchased this outfit i made it a mission of mine to push myself to wear it out more! And so i did, and it was great! I have worn this exact outfit, along with my large pastel coat out and about in London and it was the best feeling ever! Yeah i noticed a few people staring, yeah some 14 year old girls were pointing at me and giggling but I was wearing what i wanted, what made me happy and I didn't care what anyone thought of me - that feeling was the best in the world!

So the lesson here is blogsphere - as a 'fashion blogger' i often wear outfits in blog posts that I absolutely LOVE and that give me a sense of euphoria just by wearing them. But in the past I have chicken last minute when it comes to wearing them out or altered them slightly.  I have found that this is mostly because i was going out with friends or family which makes me more self-conscious about them not wanting to be seen with me or being embarrassed by me. However if you push yourself like I did and go out on your own being completely true to yourself and wearing what you want then you shall find that you actually don't feel self-conscious at all. I'm on a roll now - soz mum.


  1. love this post, really cool pics and outfit! :) o- mighty are awesome, just got a hey arnold crop from them n can't wait to wear it! x http://sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/wierd.html

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Aw thanks so much!
      I know right O-mighty are awesome! Ah that top sounds awesome!!

  2. love the ball pool & the pants :D Luckily I only start feeling weird about my outfits as soon as I´m out of the house.

    1. thanks Susan! Hope you had a good Easter! haha yup me too! :P #toolate xxxx

  3. this lipstick! which is it?


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