LFW AW15 Day 2| Street style


So this was meant to be a street style post but I kept running into friends and then I got a bit carried away with chatting and loving all my friends outfits!

So i'm afraid this has turned into a bit of a fash friend post - but hey that's even better! You guys can see how fab and fash my mates are plus they are all absolutely luuuurvely!

I met Monzi at London Edge and she is like my sister from another mister! I love this girl so much, realist to the max! 

I posted this pic and my friends were like 'What the hell Sabs!? I LOVE Sarah, she's my idol!"
All i can say is that she is absolutely lovely! I spent the morning with Sarah AKA That Pommie Girl at Fashion Scout in between shows as we tried to huddle inside away from the cold. Our personal style is literally chalk and cheese but we can both pull great funny faces.

COOKIE MONSTER REUNITE! It was also kinda hard to take pics when things like this kept happening! Her coat won.

Josephine Cheng i met last year and I showed her around Camden. She is a amazing photographer and took the pics of my outfit a couple of posts back - absolute babe!

Haha i couldnt have a fash friend post without including a Girls On The Ground! My presenter pal Zoe looking very chic!

The incredible Isabella from Candy Coated Fashion - every time i see this girl her hair is a different colour and i was LOVING the green! It's mermaid meets alien and i freaking love it!

Haha I have no idea what Amy and I were talking about. I think we were having a heated discussion about Pokemon - sounds about right! ha

I finally I got to meet Kayla for the first time and she is gorgeous! I have been a massive fan of her style forever. 

ps. My hair has never looked so boring.

Also a little shout out to my friend Adrian who i took along with me for the day! He is a amazing human being and has let me sleep on his floor in his tiny living space on and off for the past 2 months! He looked after me when I had exhaustion and couldn't stand from working/ commuting. He makes sure I eat because he knows I have no money from all my internships and lets me drink all the alcohol in his cupboard when i have boy problems haha. He has let me literally take over during LFW and whilst i was at Marie Claire and i shall probably be doing the same whilst i am at The Stylist in March! I am very grateful to have him in my life!

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