LFW AW15 Day 4


'Vanessa' paloozo trouser set: Loving Youth
Patent Heels: Clarks Shoes
Hat: Warehouse

So in case you didn't know Day 4 of LFW this year fell on my birthday, the 23rd Feb. And I don't know about you but I feel 22 now (ah)!

I had a lovely chilled yet fun packed day in London with my mum and sis. I was so shattered from all my LFW adventures! I wore this absolutely gorgeous flared trouser and crop top set from Loving Youth which is bang on the 70s trend! Loving Youth is fast coming into my Top 5 indie brand list! Their wonderful collection and vintage finds can be found in a lot of Topshop's. Check out their website for stockists!

Now a lot of you are probably wondering why i'm in a sea of pink in these photo's. Well TADAAAA!!! For my birthday my lovely pap and mum both chipped in and got me a amazing amateur studio set up, which takes up the entire of my lounge (#sozmum)!

 I'm SO SO excited I did my first shoot yesterday and my creative mind of swirling with so many ideas- i was in my element! Give a girl some pink paper, camera and soft boxes and i was like a kid in a candy shop (quite literally when you see my upcoming posts!). I cant wait for you guys to see the results and hope you like them!

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