Spongebob No Pants


Tish Jarrett photography

 Spongebob Crop Top 
Tank Reflection cut out shorts: TIALS*
Boots: Ark*
Backback: Vintage
Leather Jacket: Warehouse

My sister got me this Spongebob crop top for Christmas along with a Spongebob jumper and pants. So yeah, im a tad obsessed with Spongebob - or just any cartoon actually. My perfect night is genuinely eating lots of dessert in bed whilst watching The Simpsons or The Regular Show. Which is also slightly worrying considering i have a Bsc in Film and Television and have watched some of the most profound/ groundbreaking films, tv shows, documentaries of all time. 

I am such a fan of This Is A Love Song and their new collection just proves they just keep getting better! These shorts definitely are 'first class' like they say on my arse! I love the cheeky cut outs and cant wait to wear them to a festival hopefully this summer! Also you couldn't loose me because of the reflector strips #winning.


  1. Youuuuuur so cool girl - love this


  2. You are definitely cooler than me, no way I could pull this off - you look amazing xx

    Halcyon Velvet

  3. Haha this is so cute <3



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