Boohoo FIT x The Young Eccentric (1/2)


Leggings: Boohoo* 
Bralet: Missguided (similar)
Trainers: Nike 

Sports. Immediately thinks of P.E at school. Immediately thinks of cold changing room, uncomfortable shorts and the fact that no matter how hard i tried i was never going to be picked for the A or B teams.  

It's fair to say at school I hated sports. Unless it was the summer and we got the play rounders or raining so we could play dodge ball, I hated it. Yes i had my moments of false hope that maybe i could do a sport. I was on the fencing team in junior school and tried (i mean really tried) at gymnastics. My lack of gym talent was proven when i did a forwards roll and managed to sprain the biggest muscle in my neck the day before my birthday meaning i had to be in a neck brace! Yes this was my type of luck when it came to sports. 

However, since going to uni I found myself missing those 2 hours of hell i spent exercising at school, so i took it upon myself to start to work out and get fit. 

It's been very gradual, in the first year of uni I started with a fitness DVD (LOL), I then braved the outside and started a running route by my house. And now 3 years on I am a gym member and have been for 3 months! However I was still wearing the hand-me-downs my mum's friend gave me and my mum's trainers that were two sizes too big. 

Now thanks to Boohoo FIT however, I am all set! I even got wolf whistled as i came out the gym yesterday, think it must have been because of these leggings :)

I have been seeing a lot more progress now that i have finished my 14 day detox from Nudey Tea. If you want to give Nudey Tea a go, get a special 5% discount by using the code: tea2r

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