Recently one of my best uni pals and soul sisters Gabby moved to Copenhagen on her own. Words cannot describe how proud/ inspired i am by her and i dont know what i would do without her wise words! Anyway i went to visit her for a little mini break, which was much needed after LFW but i have been working non - stop since then so havn't had the time to sit down and write about it!

Before I went Gabs had been telling me how chilled and relaxing it was out there (knowing how rubbish i am at chilling and that my stress/ worry levels are always through the roof). However, I thought "yeah right, how can a place change your mood that much!?". However i was quickly proven wrong as I ran into Gabs arms at arrivals and exclaimed to her "I LOVE Copenhagen!!!...... the toilets are amazing!" Yes I had already been sold on Copenhagen by the Airport toilets, just because they were so clean, light, simple and even they had a peaceful feel ha!

We had a wonderful 5 days as Gabs expertly showed me around the city and we basically just ate, walked, chilled and chatted - it was marvelous! I took my most neutral clothes knowing what the Scandinavian style is like and thank goodness i did - even my white jumper with slight pastel colours and blue coat was too overpowering for the Copenhagen streets!

If you ever visit Copenhagen I suggest you visit (all of which are pictured in this post):

  Copenhagen honestly is the most peaceful place and i can see why Gabs fell in love with it! I honestly hadn't felt so calm, stress free and content in a long time. I learn't a Danish word (not Dutch as i mistakenly called the language one day oops). 'Hygge', which means "creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people." Candle light and zen vibes is just a day to day routine for the Danish, which i guess is what gives it the safe/ calm feel. 


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  1. O M G!!!! Right now we find your blog, we love uuuu!!!! U so cool! And we also likes the simspons!

    Hideous Sisters (in poland: Siostry Ohydki) ;*


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