Delevingne For A Day


 Delevingne top: Dead Legacy
Leather leggings: Leggsington
 Dr Marten boots

Yaah I am wearing all black everythaaaang eg, my model casting look. I literally just fell into modelling when i started this blog. I got my first shoot just over 2 years ago today with Mint Vintage for ASOS Marketplace and back then I definitely did not think of myself as ever being called a model. I was so excited and overwhelmed when I first saw myself on the actual ASOS homepage. Back then i was still so shy and nervous I even took my best friend along to the shoot with me for support.

Since then i have been so lucky to be asked to work with so many great brands. I love working with independent brands, getting to know the people behind them and because i'm often a fan of the brand already, i literally spend the entire shoot just fan girling over the clothes. A highlight of mine was definitely modelling for Ark Clothing last summer when I was still Up North. Ark was such a big store up north for my friends and I so it was very weird for me to be the face of their SS14 collection and then having my friends buying the clothes i was modelling - utterly surreal!

I don't take modelling too seriously, luckily for me it was never a ambition of mine when i was younger like many girls. Saying that, I now absolutely LOVE modelling! Although it has a big misconception of being easy, which is completely wrong and its often very long hours and a lot of physical and mental work (so i have a lot of respect for the super model babes such as Cara Delevingne). I love shoots because i get to meet new inspirational people, have a laugh, try on new clothes and get to be part of creating something as a team for me that's the best thing.

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