Too Young To Give A Fuck


Too Young To Give A Fuck tee: Dead Legacy*

This Dead Legacy tee combines my two loves, oversized and funny slogans.

I do give a fuck, I give a fuck about important things: ambition, happiness, being nice, caring about others, health, personal growth, being grateful for what I have. However, as i have grown up i have discovered i am very lucky because I do not give a fuck about my how people perceive my appearance (ironic i know as i run a fashion blog and am a model but hear me out).

I don't wear make- up unless its a special occasion, i'm going out or doing a photoshoot. As many make-up artists will tell you i am AWFUL at having my make- up done - im such a blinker ha! Also the idea of planning a outfit seems alien to me, in the morning i just throw on what i feel like, what will make me feel happy and comfortable. I feel truly blessed that i don't live with the fear of other people's perception that most girls live in fear of. I think its so sad that most of my friends will not go out without make-up. One of my friends even slept in her make-up when she started to go out with her boyfriend!  I can see how deep rooted it is due to the media and now with instagram filters and selfie's its even worse.

So if I can share anything in this post it's if you're 12 or 22 please just try and not give a fuck about what people think. We are all guilty of this at time, we all feel insecure on days but just remember this:

  • you cant please everyone
  • live by your values not someone else's
  • surround yourself with positives
  • you can only be you 

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