Windows ERROR


Tish Jarrett Photography
 Emoji Top: O Mighty (may also find on Shop Jeen)
Microsoft bottoms: O mighty
Trainers: Nike

 Shot this look with Tish back in February and it was f f f f freezing! We went to our secret location in London only to find that half of it had been torn down! However a little bit survived so we were very happy chappy's! I'm so excited for the sun to come out soon - I love spring!

I promise you I wont post another look with these O- Mighty trousers for a while, soz for the spam - they just never get old! I have found Pikachu on them and a 'okay' button on my bottom.

Who remembers when Microsoft Windows ran the world? All the tabs you had to get up to even find one of the crap games, MSN, the paper clip animation that was never actually helpful. I still remember our first computer that you couldn't even use, all it showed was HTML code but I still liked to press the keys ha.


  1. Amazing ! Love your window pants <3

    DarkSide Of Fashion Blog
    (IG : @Saskiabzn)
    Saskia! xo

  2. lovvvveee these windows trousers, they look amazin on u! my o-mighty wishlist just keeps growing..!

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