Boohoo FIT x The Young Eccentric (2/2)


Top: Boohoo FIT*
Trainers: Nike

Here is my second Boohoo FIT post!

I firstly feel the need to point out I do use heavier weights but these were more aesthetically pleasing haha!

I think i'm turning into a bit of a gym bunny! If i don't go for at least 2 days I start to get agitated! I try to go every other day but at the moment I have been running around like a headless chicken so it has been hard.

With summer coming up everyone is striving for that dream 'summer body'. However, i think its very important for girls especially to keep things in perspective. We are never going to look like a Victoria Secret model or the girls on Tumblr. For me a good summer body means that I have been active and attempted to be more healthy and therefore my body is feeling and looking a bit better than normal.

 The worse thing for me is clean eating - I am terrible! I just cant give up the chocolate or wine ha! However, it's also about not denying yourself things or going cold turkey, you are more likely to fail that way. It's all about getting better little by little and maybe swapping that Costa bacon and brie toastie for some sushi. But i really can't sit here and even pretend i have any expertise in this. When I was at Stylist I had a cake or cookie everyday for 20 days! It turned into a bit of a challenge and I was like #challengeaccepted! (but secretly, I would of had the cake anyway ha).

However luckily for me when i feel like i have overindulged I drink a cup of Nudey Tea which makes my tum tum feel better and the bloat magically go down. If you want to give Nudey Tea a go, get a special 5% discount by using the code: tea2r 

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